SoundWear Music Choices.

Simon Thorogood.

"The particular pieces of music I had chosen to illustrate were selected simply because they are compositions I might ordinarily play whilst designing. As minimal or linear arrangements for (mostly) single instrument, I found them suitably inspiring whilst not too intrusive or distracting and thus creating a productive condition or space in which to work in.

This music-to-visuals process was purely interpretational, where I would quite literally ‘see’ a sound in terms of colour, form, line, texture, layering and so on. Responding to either the whole piece or sections, I would realise characteristics and features in ocular shades and motifs.

Whilst I was very aware that I was notating the music in my own aesthetic language, apparent in much of my other design work, my hope is that this will be subject to manipulation and disruption by the SoundWear tool to a lesser or greater extent. How will the system allow me to create variations or mixes of my own design intentions?

I was also aware that the music I had selected could be perceived as academic or ‘clever’, where the head can be said to be more important than the body. As such, one of my intentions for SoundWear, is to re-establish so-called clever music with the body."