SoundWear is intended to embody a form of creative tension or inconsistency, where on one hand it relies on very specific decisions to be made by the user whilst on the other hand it draws upon the dynamics of chance and co-authorship of a work. An audience can determine, in part, the course or outcome of the process or else surrender to its uncertainty.

Chance and interactivity as a recipe for creative discovery has been something that has underpinned Thorogood’s design since a student. In particular, it was the applied ideas and strategies of composer/philosopher/artist John Cage who was to make a significant impression on his motivations. Subsequently, Thorogood has been motivated to discover how accident can be applied to fashion to achieve unusual, compelling yet appropriate results.

The synaesthesic relationship of art with music, has had a particular influence on Thorogood and Wolff. Music, they might argue, has inspired some of the most innovative visual work of the 20th century and this investigation is still very much being pursued and applied in dynamic and novel ways today.